Board of Directors and Contacts 

 President  Simon Jones
 Vice President  Stephanie Cannon
 Secretary Zak Butterly
 Treasurer  Carroll O'Keefe
 Contact for Finances  Wendy Reid
 Director of Discipline  Adam Fisher
 League Administrator  Karen Matt
 Registrar  *see Administrator
 Cup Coordinator  *see Administrator
 Game Scheduler  *see Administrator
 Webmaster  *see Administrator
 League Head Referee  Carroll O'Keefe 
 Director (representing Almonte)  Rhonda Meloche
 Director (representing AMBUSC  Zak Butterly
 Director (representing Carleton Place)  Simon Jones
 Director (representing Smiths Falls)  Stephanie Cannon
 Director (representing Perth)  Carroll O'Keefe/Tristyn Kaitt
 Director (representing WCSC) Adam Fisher
 Women Over 30/40 Rep  Angie Patterson
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