Reminder - "To Do" before your first game

Now that the season is about to start, here is a list of things that a team must do before their first game.

1. One team official (coach / manager) must activate the team on the website.  This involves selecting your team from the list of teams, select your role with the team (coach, assistant, manager), entering your contact information for the team, creating your logon password, and entering the team colours. Procedures for the activation process should have been sent to you from your club.

2. All of the team officials use the same activation process to add their contact information to the team.

3. One team official must add all the team players to the team roster which requires their name and jersey number.

After performing the above steps, you will be able to produce game sheets for your games from the "My Team" pages on the website which lists all the players and all of the activated team officials.

We also recommend that you check your season game schedule to look for any problems with the schedule.  Producing the schedules for all the divisions is a complex task and sometimes schedule conflicts or issues slip through the league review.  If you notice any problems, please let the league know by sending an email with the game number and details on the issue (

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