U12 Division Schedules Posted - Boys and Girls

All the Boys and Girls U12 Schedules Posted:

All of the boys and girls U12 division schedules (East and West) have been posted.  Team managers are encouraged to review the schedules for any issues / errors / conflicts.

Reminder:  First game for all U12 divisions is the week of May 29th.

Reminder:  Team managers are to activate their team on the website and enter their team roster so that game sheets can be produced.

Game Schedule Comments:

If you have a game scheduled on a To Be Determined field, this means that at during the first pass through the schedules a field wasn't available.  These games will be rescheduled to an available field after all the schedules are posted and we see what fields are not in use that evening.

The East / West cross over games have not been added to the schedule yet.  The cross over games will happen the weeks of June 26th and July 24th on your regular game night.  They will be added soon.

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