Women Over 30

1OSU Ragers1010006375630
2WOS Screaming Beavers12100246212530
3WOS Geckos148064339424
4WC Stray Cats142392861-339
5Almonte Cougars102172538-137
6Carleton Place Divas121291756-395

There have been no games in the past 10 days

DateHome Away
Dec 10OSU Ragers -v- Almonte Cougars
Dec 12Almonte Cougars -v- Carleton Place Divas

1Name Withheld by LeagueOSU Ragers45
2Name Withheld by LeagueWOS Screaming Beavers29
3Name Withheld by LeagueWOS Screaming Beavers13
4Name Withheld by LeagueWOS Geckos10
5Name Withheld by LeagueWOS Geckos9
6Name Withheld by LeagueCarleton Place Divas9
7Name Withheld by LeagueAlmonte Cougars6
8Name Withheld by LeagueWC Stray Cats6
9Name Withheld by LeagueWOS Geckos6
10Name Withheld by LeagueWOS Geckos5

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Name Withheld by LeagueOSU Ragers3
2Name Withheld by LeagueWOS Geckos2
3Name Withheld by LeagueWOS Screaming Beavers1
4Name Withheld by LeagueOSU Ragers1
5Name Withheld by LeagueCarleton Place Divas1
6Name Withheld by LeagueWOS Geckos1

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Women Over 30

Women Over 40
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