Game # 1169Boys Under 10

Tuesday, Tuesday, August 13, 2019
Carp Mini Field 1 @ 19:15

Matthew ELLIS


WCSC Carp U10M2




CP Fire U10B


198 Langstaff Dr, Carp

Please note that parking is at the Huntley Curling Club, across the street.

Carp Soccer Fields:

Note:  All Mini Fields are divided into "A" and "B" halves for U6 games

North of the path: (same side as port-a-potty):

Carp Full Field 1 (has minis on it)

Carp Mini Field 1, on full field 1, closest to Langstaff Drive
Carp Mini Field  2, on full field 1, behind Mini 1

South of the path

Carp Mid Field, between Full Field 1 and 2, has Mini 3 and 4 on it.

Carp Mini Field 3,  on the Mid Field, closest to Langstaff Drive

Carp Mini Field 4, on the Mid Field, behind Mini 3

Carp Full Field 2 - does not have other fields on it (has tall fences to help stop balls going onto private property).

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Boys Under 10
AMB 10B BluePreWC Carp 10M2
WC Dun 10M1PreAMB 10B Ylow

Boys Under 12
AMB Utd12BPreCPHurrica12B
P Power12BPreASCAmbush12B
WC Carp 12B1PreWC Kin 12B1

Cup Boys 15
AMB Utd15BPreCPLegends15B
WC Carp 15B1PreWC Carp 15B2
WC Carp 15B2PreAMB Utd15B
CPLegends15BPreWC Carp 15B1
AMB Utd15BPreWC Carp 15B1
CPLegends15BPreWC Carp 15B2

Mixed Under 18
PUSC Bombers1 - 4 WC Carp 18M1
Ascavenger18PreS Falls 18M
WC Carp 18M2PreCPRebels18M

Girls Under 08
ASC Angels8GPreCPDevils8G

Girls Under 10
WC Carp 10G2PreWC DBay 10G1
WC Carp 10G1PreAMB Blue10G
ASCArrows10GPreP Campers 10
P Ladybugs 1PreASCAlpines10
CP Gators 10PrePStrikers10G

Girls Under 12
ASCAction12GPreAMB Blue 12G
AMB Gold 12GPreWC Dun 12G1
WC Carp 12G2PreCPKarma12G

Cup Girls 15A
AMB EXPL 15GPreCPMutiny15G
CPMutiny15GPreP Travel 15G
AMB EXPL 15GPreP Travel 15G

Women Over 30
WOS SBPreASC Alliance
ASC GeckosPreCP Menace
ASC GeckosPreASC Alliance

Women Over 40
WOS GoalPreCP Tornado


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