Per Extreme Weather Policy -- All GLSL games Cancelled Monday, August 6 2018
Aug 6, 2018
All GLSL Games Cancelled as Humidex reading is at 40

Extreme Heat Policy
Jul 16, 2018
The new Policy can be found in the "About" section of this website....

Apr 4, 2018
For practice days, contact your club, game days listed here...


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Boys Under 08
CP CubsPreCP Crushers
CP CobrasPreCP Coyotes

Boys Under 10
Kin U10M1PreArchers
Ice CreamersPreArnprior Gol
Arnprior BluPreCP Fire
Carp U10M1PrePistons
CP FlamesPreCarp U10M2

Boys Under 12
Dun U12M1PreCarp U12M1
Carp U12M1PreBattlers
CP HurricanePreCarp U12M2
Dun U12M1PreKin U12M1
AmbushPreArnprior Gol

Boys Under 15
Carp U15M1PreCarp U15M2
CP LegendsPreArnprior Gol

Boys Under 16/17
Power6 - 2 Carp U16B1

Girls Under 08
CP DynamitePreAngels
AcornsPreCP Devils

Girls Under 10
Carp U10G2PreCarp U10G3
C Bay U10G1PreCarp U10G1
AthenasPreArnprior Blu
CP GlaciersPreAlpines
LadybugsPreCP Gators
Arnpr StarsPreDun U10G1

Girls Under 12
Arnpr AzzurrPreAction
Golden ArrowPreSF Strikers
ActionPreArnpr Azzurr
C Bay U12G1PreAurora
CP KarmaPrePride
Arnpr BoomPreCarp U12G1

Girls Under 14
Aces5 - 0 Carp U14G1
CP MachinePreSF Strikers
MagicPreCP Mutiny
Carp U14G2PrePrior Gold
Prior GoldPreSF Strikers

Girls Under 16/17
Arnprior GolPreStorm
SF StrikersPreCarp U16G1
CP RebelsPreArrows

Women Over 30
Geckos1 - 0 Stray Cats
Ragers6 - 3 Sc. Beavers

Women Over 40
Wild CatsPreTornado
StormPreGoal Sisters
ShootersPreCool Cats
SaintsPreHot Flashes


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